Борис Куранов, CEO

Управляющий Директор Soft Skill

Boris holds a phd in radiocommunications and is the masterbrain behind research on cluster waves. He has founded soft skill in 1991 and has been managing large-scale contracts with leading brands on the russian and european markets.

София Куранова, COO

Архитектор Программных Приложений Софт Скил

Sofiya fell in love with programming before computers became mainstream. Her biggest passion is problem solving. Prior to soft skill she’s been managing databases and data security at jp morgan chase. As an expert in data structures she has worked with russia’s largest confectionary producer to track inventory and accounting data.

Марина Цайч, CTO

Working for Microsoft, Apple and Google in the mobile and media space over the last 15 years kept marinka at the bleeding edge of innovation building products, partnerships, projects and teams that influenced how people consume information, manage their lives and interact with each other.

Кристиан Цайч, CFO

As a head of institutional investments at bayernlb in munich and hong-kong, christian has been launching new businesses, opening new offices, building new teams and solving business problems even in chinese. He is now managing private wealth and running independent investment projects.